Frequently Asked Questions

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions is the umbrella term for attaching additional hair to your existing hair. Many methods are used, including weaving, bonding, fusion (strand-by-strand), braiding, clips and so on. These are just a few of the methods used. Hair extensions are often applied by professional stylists, but at-home applications are becoming easier and more common — especially with new products now available like clip-on's. Hair extensions are popular because they look like your natural hair and can be cut, styled and curled as you see fit.

Why should I buy from Tonsure Hair?

Tonsure Hair is a member’s only hair extension site, so we offer the highest quality hair direct to you — at amazing prices. Quite simply, we sell the best hair on the planet at the lowest prices possible. We combine our personal experience with our hair knowledge and incredible products. The result is a satisfying shopping experience that will keep you coming back.

What are Virgin Hair, Remy Hair and Virgin Remy Hair?

Virgin Hair is hair that has never been processed. No chemicals, dyes, relaxers or silicone's have been added, and it has never been relaxed or permed.  Remy Hair is hair that has been cut root end from a single person. As a result, the hair cuticles are intact and the hair strands are still in their original direction. Remy hair is the strongest, healthiest, longest lasting and most beautiful hair available for extensions.  Virgin Remy Hair is Remy hair that has never been processed. The hair retains the natural color of the original owner and all the natural highlights. In addition, the cuticles will all be aligned and fully intact. This guarantees the highest possible quality and that tangling and matting will not occur for a very long time. When new, it is nearly impossible for anyone but an expert to determine if hair is truly virgin Remy. Therefore, it is extremely important that if you are going to pay the premium associated with this kind of hair you purchase from a trusted source such as Tonsure Hair.

Can other people tell I’m wearing extensions?

If hair extensions are installed and maintained properly, other people can’t see them at all. In fact, you probably see people wearing them all the time without realizing it. The key is to choose the right color, curl pattern and hair type to match your hair, and then attach it properly.

How long do hair extensions last?

Really, the biggest factor is YOU. Other important factors include: the climate you live in; how often you wash it; whether it was applied correctly; how much time you spend in the water; how diligent you are about proper care and so on. We’d like to give you an exact answer, but this is impossible. We wear hair extensions ourselves, and like you, we want the most beautiful hair. And we want it to look as good as it can for as long as possible. We’re happy to share our knowledge with you. We want you to look great while wearing the hair you purchased from Tonsure Hair!  With daily use, expect hair that is properly cared for to last anywhere from a few months to over a year. Even the highest quality hair that is treated well needs to be replaced eventually. (We’re happy to consult with you to give you an estimate.)

How are hair extensions applied?

Strand-by-Strand, Fusion, Pre-Tipped – In all these methods, application is strand-by-strand. The hair is pre-cut with the weft removed, and pre-tipped with adhesive. A purging tool applies an adhesive to your existing hair. Then, using a heated adhesive stick and a glue gun made especially for hair extensions, the extension hair is attached to your own hair. Your hair covers the attached areas, creating a very natural look.  Weaving – In this method a corn row (or track) is created around the head, close to the scalp.  The extension hair is then sewn onto the tracks. Your hair covers the attached areas, laying over the tracks. This creates a very natural look.  Bonding – Bonding is a temporary method. In this process, bonding glue is applied directly to the weft of the extension hair. The extension hair is then applied at the root of your existing hair.  Clip-on's – Small clips are used to attach extensions to your hair. The result is a simple and effective method for attaching hair that you can easily do at home. Mini-Links – This method is very desirable because it minimizes damage to your hair by avoiding all glue, heat and remover. It is often combined with braided hair extensions. Small circular links are used, and your own hair is pulled through the mini link with a tool that looks like a knitting machine needle. Once your hair is pulled through, the extension strand is pulled through the mini link. The mini link is then pressed firmly, which locks the hair into place. The links are very small, so they lay flat and are difficult to see.  Seamless and Tape-On – This fairly new method for attaching hair is quickly gaining popularity among beauty aficionados — especially among movie stars and models. It features a weft that is made from thin polyurethane that comes with double-sided tape. To apply, you simply remove the tape and attach it to your hair. It lies flat, so it is comfortable, unobtrusive and extremely difficult to detect.

How much hair should I purchase?

Everyone’s hair and hair extension needs are different. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help as you decide how much hair you need. There’s nothing worse than having too little hair to complete the task! The decision depends on your hair’s thickness, what look you want, your head size, where and how it is being applied, how your hair is styled or cut and so on. Your stylist is probably the best qualified to help you decide, since he or she can assess your needs in person. But, don’t be afraid to ask us for help! I’ve never used hair extensions before.

How do I begin?

The first step is to decide if you want to apply the hair extensions yourself, or if you will work with a professional stylist. If you want to apply the hair extensions yourself, consider clip-on's, seamless or bonding methods. If you have a lot of experience working with your own hair, and confidence in your ability, these methods can work out quite well. Of course, working with a friend is much easier — and a heck of a lot of fun. If you choose any of the more challenging attachment techniques we highly recommend you use a trained professional or someone who has done it many times.  After you determine the application method choose a color that matches your own hair. Then, choose a length and curl pattern that matches. And finally, be sure you choose the right kind of hair.

How do I choose hair color?

This question is not as simple as it may sound, so it’s a good thing you asked. Be sure to choose a color that matches your hair from the middle to the end, not the outgrowth. Your outgrowth is always darker, so never choose based on its color. Blending at the bottom of your hair is by far the most important. If you are unsure, use a color ring to get an exact match. We have many gorgeous shades to choose from and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about color choice. Don’t be shy!

What is a weft?

Hair extensions that are wefted are held together with a band thread. Wefted hair is either machine wefted (in fine, medium or heavy wefts) or hand tied. Most extension hair is machine wefted (in a medium weft), due to the high cost of hand tying. Hand tied is lighter in weight and shed resistant, and therefore very appealing. Hair without a weft is called “bulk.”

What is bulk hair?

Bulk hair is loose and has no weft. It is commonly used for braiding and strand bonding.

How are “machine weft” and “hand tied weft” different?

Hand Tied: These wefts are cut into pieces about 10 inches long, then sewn by hand. The result is the smallest wefting possible, which means it almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Never cut hand tied pieces; they will unravel.  Machine weft: Unlike hand-tied weft, machine weft hair is not cut into pieces. Instead, it is crafted in one continuous weft that can then be cut as needed. The weft is larger than with hand tied. How many pieces do I get with hand tied?  Since the tying is done by hand, the amount of hair you get in each piece tends to differ. Extension hair is measured in increments of 1/4 pound, so the actual number of pieces you receive will depend on the hair length. For example, an order of 14-inch hair will have more pieces than an order of 20-inch hair.

What about coloring or perming my hair extensions?

Hair extensions can be colored or permed, but it is not ideal. When you choose your hair, try to match the style and color you want to start. We also don’t advise adding chemicals to it, as this can damage the hair and the color. If you’re set on coloring it, be sure to avoid peroxide and use a color conditioner or semi-permanent color.

Can I color my own hair with hair extensions?

No problem, just be careful to only color your hair. Extensions will soak up more color than your hair, so always color with care.

Do extensions damage my hair?

If you care for your hair properly extensions won’t do any damage. Hair extensions are popular with top models and actresses worldwide. They rely on beautiful hair to make a living and they wouldn’t do anything that would damage their hair.

Can I still brush, wash, curl, and blow dry my hair with extensions?

Yes – this is part of the fun! Think of hair extensions as your hair. Go ahead and style it. And enjoy the beautiful results. Many people even find that their hair is easier to manage with hair extensions. Different hair types do require different care. For example, very curly hair can get frizzy if you brush it out, and it’s best to let it air dry. We recommend brushing from the bottom up. As you do this, hold the top of your hair to minimize pulling.

How do I wash my hair once I add extensions?

It is very important that you wash your extensions from top to bottom, in one direction. Don’t wash your hair upside down in a sink or tub. For best results, choose shampoos and conditioners that are for intended for dry hair. These add additional moisture and will enhance the beauty of your hair and extend the life.

What hair products do you recommend?

Moisture is the most important factor in keeping your hair extensions beautiful, strong and tangle free. Choose products intended for dry hair, with zero or low alcohol content. Avoid products for oily hair, and never use strippers or products intended to remove build up. To enhance the ends, glossifiers and spray-in conditioners are excellent.

What about swimming in pools and the ocean?

If you are a daily swimmer hair extensions are probably not the best choice for you. But, for everyone else, by all means have fun in swimming pools and hot tubs. Live your life! But, wash your hair right after swimming. Saltwater is a bigger challenge for hair extensions. Salt will dry out hair, and this will increase tangling. If you do swim in saltwater use a spray in conditioner immediately after you get out.


Can I add clip-on's myself, or does a stylist have to do it?

The good news is that once you get the hang of it, clip-on extensions are easy to apply. If you’ve never done it before watch someone else if possible (there are some great videos on You Tube), and you’ll become an expert pretty fast. Clip-on's are designed to be secure and easy to attach, and most people do it themselves at home. Instructions are always included with any clip-on hair you buy from us.

Do clip-on extensions damage hair?

Not only are clip-on extensions easy and fast to install, but they do the least amount of damage to your hair. This makes them a great alternative to adhesive, braiding and weaving methods. Many people use clip-on's between applications of more permanents extensions to let their hair grow and rest.

How much hair should I buy?

One set of clip-on's is usually sufficient. You might need more hair are if you are going to add significant length to your own hair, your current haircut is short or you have very thick hair. It’s really up to you — go as thick or as long as you want. Have fun with it!

How do I choose hair color?

This question is not as simple as it may first sound, so it’s a good thing you asked. To begin, be sure to choose a color that matches your hair from the middle to the end, not the outgrowth. Your outgrowth is always darker, so never choose based on its color. Blending at the bottom of your hair is by far more important than at the top. If you are unsure, use a color ring (available through us) to get an exact match. We have many gorgeous shades to choose from and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about color choice. Don’t be shy!

Wavy or straight hair?

How do I choose which is best for me?  Extensions with wave are very adaptable because they can be worn with curled or straight hair. The waves also create a full appearance. Straight extensions are generally only for straight styles.

How do I get care instructions?

Your will receive care instructions with each batch of hair you receive from us. The general rule is to use shampoo and conditioner intended for dry hair (using a glossifier or detangler often), and to shampoo your extensions less frequently than your own hair. Less washing equals a longer life. It is best to let your clip-on extensions dry naturally, if possible. If you do you use a curling iron or blow drier, use the lowest heat setting possible.

What about coloring clip-on extensions?

When you purchase your extensions try to match the color, texture and style as much as possible so that you won’t need to add any more color. Coloring and perming extensions will reduce their life and it’s very difficult to know if they will turn out the color you expect. If you must color them, use only color conditioners or semi-permanent colors, and test before coloring.

What about brushing my hair extensions?

Light brushing is fine. Just do it carefully; you don’t want to pull them out.

Can I cut clip-on extensions?

Yes, go ahead and cut them if the mood strikes you. But remember that unlike your hair, they won’t grow back. Keep in mind that extensions tend to get thinner near the ends. This may affect how it styles after cutting.

What about creating highlights with clip on extensions?

Yes! Be creative and create your own style and look. Try this: get one set of clip-on's that match your base and another set that is either lighter or darker. Alternate them as you attach for a great look. This look also saves your own hair from the effects of coloring.  My hair is thinning.

Can I use Clip-on's?

This all depends on how much thinning you are experiencing. You need enough of your own hair to cover the clips and weft. A good stylist can often come up with a way to make it look natural. Or, you can experiment on your own with hair spray and combing your hair over the clips.

Can I sleep in clip-on extensions?

Part of the appeal of clip-on extensions is that they are so easy to attach and remove. So, we recommend that you remove them before sleeping. This reduces the wear from laying on them and tangling.

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